the creature formerly known as glis (gliserine) wrote,
the creature formerly known as glis

Switch your eyes on, Dawn's breaking

Freaky morning, I can see the sickly light that makes the view visible but grey. I am on top of Sheridan building, a building with a name, and I'm higher than Brighton's rooftops. You can't tell the difference between the cloudy sky and the sea, it's all the same greyish blue colour, rather disappointing. I want my days to be blazy after I've spent the whole night up.

Still wondering what I am doing here, the answer has to be, passing time. Keeping ?company to the four people remaining of the team, working still on a deadline that seemingly has already past. This office is lovely at afterhours though. Gloomy, with the cold blue monitor screen light as the sole source of illumination, with blinds half-drawn on the sloping windows. A bit like an oversized loft with too many computers :-}

Oh, and what a day this new one is.
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