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Measuring up strangers

A rather small man in a suit came rushing down the stairs while Jackie's absence and asked me if I could measure him for a wedding suit that was going to be made in a different country, different continent. He was getting married in South Africa, and he had been asked for his size. He had only ten minutes to spare but J wouldn't come back for five, she said that I could help him. I sat down writing out a measuring chart, but then realised that I would have to do the measuring myself. It was a daunting experience, having to wrap up the tape around this complete stranger, and the fact that it was a man made me feel even more awkward! I think I must have made him rather nervous as I was nervous, or that he made me nervous because he was nervous to start with. Nearly done, J rushed down too to add the finishing touch, giving a quick inspection to the set of measurements and adding references of his commercial size. I am almost certain I got his inside leg measurement wrong, it was just too embarrassing being on my knees in front of him and taking a measurement that started around his crotch! Hm, talking of crotches, I should make a habit of taking hip measurements to the side of the body than centre front.

One day when I'll be a real professional, I'll be able to grope customers and get away with it :P
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