the creature formerly known as glis (gliserine) wrote,
the creature formerly known as glis

Friday night out

As if the children party was not enough, I had promised B we'd go out together on Friday night. All in all the outing tired me very much. We went to a certain alternative/somewhat goth place down the center, the music was very nice and the people looked good, but everybody was posing and nobody was dancing. In fact, there was no space to dance there either *sigh*

B and I have a particular sequence of actions that we follow everytime we go out. First of all we go to a club or bar that we are not very familiar with. We have the first drink or two there, and when we get fed up by the posers, we get in the car where we always listen to very exciting music on the radio. This gets us high, and even though we "are supposed" to be returning home, we opt to drive down to the port instead, where we go to two particular bars. These are places playing rock music, they attract a very particular type of a customer and in general aren't very popular with the mainstream people. We like going there because people are friendly, they tell us wacky stories, and we can dance to our hearts' content without becoming the center of attention!

But last night we were out with Leo and his friend, that I've known him from school too. L has been down the port shops once or twice, and really disliked it - mostly because many of the people that go to those shops are not very well groomed (hehe). So after we left the first place, they really refused to go to the port, we tried another bar in the center instead. That one was fairly empty, because it was well past 2am by the time, and people were heading somewhere else :D We stayed there for a while, had another drink, and then left to head for home.

While getting in the car, I was joking about "going for an alcotest now", and in fact a few blocks further down the road we were indeed stopped, for the third time in the last few months! Luckily enough, B wasn't all that drunk to get fined, but she got a bit disorientated (ahem) because of the test -you know how it gets when you have to deal with cops- that a couple of turns away she fell onto a taxi driver, and created a little bump underneath her front light. Sigh. Leo was quite shocked, but all in all I think it was all for good because next time we can argue that everything would be under if they'd agree to follow us to our place of choice ;)

All in all, I sometimes wonder why I bother going out at nights. We don't seem to find a place where we belong - that is, feel at ease, like the music and generally have a good time. Of course, I've been on edge for the past few weeks so it's quite a challenge to feel at ease even if I stay at home. Last night, my nervousness manifested itself through my hair-do : I wore my hair in a bun, and I kept fighting with it pretty much all night. The irony is that in the end I put it up again while in the car, and then slept with my hair up and the bun didn't move, it was intact in the morning.

I felt tired in the morning, so I skipped my dance class again - I had to give it a miss last week as I was away for my sister's wedding. Oh well, I've had a nice rest today!
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