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love my corduroy, hate my invitations

An invitation arrived for me yesterday just before I left for work, it was sent from the British Embassy via a courier. The guy that did the delivery looked at me in a funny way. I wondered if he was to deliver the whole pack of invitations to all sorts of Oxonians, and how I compared to the rest of the guests.

I have to reply to this invitation - I really don't want to go, but of course my father thinks I should. Me, I just get nervous about formal invitations. I don't know anybody there, I've got nothing to wear, and I'll be among people that know about politics, have spent half their lives in academia, and have all sorts of resonant titles not only after but also before their names! The simplest of guests will probably be young people with postgraduate studies who are now building on a high-end career here, while I'm just an under-achieving commoner with nothing to wear! What a nightmare.

I guess it is an honour to receive invitations to parties by such people, but even after all these years of having to do this, I still feel like I don't belong there. I think I'll just phone up M. to see if she'll go - but I doubt she'll be in Athens at the time, she's doing postgraduate studies somewhere in London or even France.


On another note, A. brought to me his trousers to mend last night. They were a worn-out pair of Trussardi jeans, wripped along the knees, and he said that he wanted them patched and didn't mind what they'd look like, as he'd be wearing them on the fishing boat, heh. He wanted them done in an evening, which I thought was out of the question, especially as I didn't have any jean fabric to cut out patches for it.

I went looking for something appropriate at the stacks of fabric remnants piling up in my room, and have spotted a few heavy cottons which I'd put in the inside, when I remembered of a single leg out of a blue corduroy pair of trousers that I've kept when I was planning to test out sewing with cord. I brought it to light and seperated the two pieces of the leg, put each piece on the front legs of the jeans pair. It was a perfect match, especially as the cord fabric was horribly worn out too.

I applied some (somewhat light) iron-on interface directly onto the tears, and then covered the whole front legs with the cord trouser legs (from a bit below the pocket seam to under the knee, which edge I shaped in a half a circle). I stitched the big pieces of cord with blueish-purple zigzag, then I did a few very narrow stitches vertically on the big patches, and lots of shorter stitches one next to the other where the tears lay. The nifty thing was that by sewing the stitches in between the cord's ribs, I got them to be almost invisible - apart from the places were I got a bit off, or where the ribs where so worn out that the cotton base of the fabric showed through.

In the end I got told off for using the machine so late at night, everybody got fed up with me sewing away. A. hadn't really asked for so detailed a work but I could see that he was intrigued and interested in seeing me making a whole new desing out of his comfortable pair of jeans. I told him that the next tear certainly won't be along the front, so he should watch his back from now on!

This must have been the most exciting mending project I've ever done - mending jobs are usually boring and a drudge - and I got satisfied with the result too (I hardly ever do, these days). In fact it made me think again on producing garments by designing on top of ones : I've grown to hate this because of having made so many alterations! But this specific trick was a lot of fun to do. I suspect I enjoyed it so because it was done on casual wear.
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