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Life in the trenches - of a theatre

Aaah! I'm infatuated. Three days and two night so far, helping out backstage on a pro/semi-pro production - my very first. The changing rooms are a floor down, I have to run up and down the stairs and sprint along the corridor a dozen times a night, like a small-scale superman tending to all the minor details that habitually go wrong. Michael says we are but a small cog in the great machine that is a theatre show, a sequin on the fabulous dress of a production. Well, I like that!

On the opening night, Jackie and I went to the theatre early in the morning to do the ironing, I was shown how to iron the visible parts *only* (the fronts of dresses, depending on the act, the pleated breasts and collars on mens' shirts, and so on!). I was sitting there with a spitting steam iron in my hand, and it would have been worse than having stayed at home (lots of iron to do there too) - only while I was doing it, I had entertainers serenading me while warming up their voices for the run-through. In fact, exactly because the dressing rooms are on a different floor, there is a sound system installed where you can hear what is going on on stage all over the wings, gallery, changing and utility rooms. Having live singing at work instead of a cranky radio - now that's what I call a good job.

And I don't even care when the performers are being demanding or whiny or unreasonable or spoilt, and I don't mind picking items up after them - it reminds me of my older sister through childhood and adolescence, heh! The only thing I have to get used to is gay men only talking to other men and ignoring me completely most of the time, but I guess it's ok because the girlies will chat to me anyway.
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