the creature formerly known as glis (gliserine) wrote,
the creature formerly known as glis

Things that grow

Ludmila, my Russian neighbour, knocked on my door yesterday and asked me to take care of her precious plant for the weekend, while on a swift trip to Paris. She says it's the only one in England, and she doesn't want to let her husband to look after it - she doesn't want to have to ask him for any favours. I can't help but laugh my head off when each of them complains about the other because they are both such characters, almost caricatures of themselves. But in reality it is very sad, both of them are miserable in their relationship. I wish I could get a clearer picture of how it is, because their individual portrayals of the situation hardly match: they are very selective and one-sided when it comes to presenting what is going on. I tend to believe Lud more because she is more down to earth than old Jeff.

The thing I find the most amusing is when Lud says to me "all english men are bastards" - how could I ever agree to that? I've just got married to one less than a year ago! Perhaps I will live to regret it, heh. On the Jeff front, the most hilarious point in his rant is him saying that his wife is a lesbian - because when once she had a friend visiting from back home, the two of them sat in the kitchen and closed the door, left him watching tv on his own! Haha, thinking of his reasoning cheers me up. To finish it off, he also complains that quite a lot of men have their eye on her (as if that's her own fault, heh!).

Both of them will ask if we can hear them quarreling, but the walls are too thick and the only thing we've ever heard from next door is the shrieking of a wardrobe hinge (it must be attached to the wall). Once G did listen to them shouting at each other, while he was waiting for me to answer the door, and that got him *very* uncomfortable, so they must be lethal. But then again, G has very low tolerance levels when it comes to shouting and aggression, so I can't honestly say how epic their quarrels are.

Anyway, I hope the plant will survive my attendance.
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