the creature formerly known as glis (gliserine) wrote,
the creature formerly known as glis

My almost-official first day at work!

It's funny how sometimes your life changes over a day. Eric had a word with mε yesterday afternoon, and magically I've been transported from drilling my touch-typing and obsessing over recruitment agencies to a full time job doing for them whatever it is I can do (a bit of everything, that is). All the pressure I've subjected myself to, my mixed feelings about the (already planned) trip back home which would set me back in my job-searching by at least a month, my frustration at being skint and feelings of guilt for having spent 80 quid at Morplan, everything disappeared.

So this was my almost-official day at work. All the years of "playing shop" in my childhood flashed before my eyes as I got terrified by having to confront customers, even to say "Hello, do you need any help?". So far I had been more than happy to file things away and fetch things as needed, take orders from other people in the shop, or even help people in and out of their costumes...but actually helping customers with their buys? Or choosing a costume for them, and putting them in it? Scary stuff!

So what do we have...the most difficult transaction of the day was a woman asking for hair, face and nail glitter. I regret all the times I have been annoyed with sales assistants being slow and daft... One rule I've realised - if you're nervous, your customer will get nervous too. The next one was trying to produce an Aragorn and a Caribbean Something while almost everybody else had disappeared (most of them for lunch, or too busy to take more person on), so I couldn't yell for help. Needless to say I didn't put anybody in costume today, I believe it'll take me at least two months to be able to do that on my own, and even then it'll have to be the ones that come up all the time. But I did get to use a till for the first time in my life! One thing, the people that work there are really groovy, it just makes it all the more exciting to be in the shop. With such co-workers, I don't care what rates they pay me!
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